Copyright or Copywrite Who caught it?

For the last three months I had made a blunder in my proofs that I was hoping I would get some sort of comments back about.   But after all this time and at least 14 thousand hits, only one comment about my misspelling of Copyright.   This will become a topic of conversation in the future because this was in fact an experiment as to who really takes notice to these details.    Even more important, this subject will be apart of a campaign for my Senior Portraits Next Year.   So Keep looking for this Copywrite to show up again.  Hint.
Empowering teachers to make positive change.   International Reading Association launched the 1,000 Lights for Literacy Fund, an exciting new giving program that will award large grants to teachers to power literacy programs right in the classroom.

Start Looking this Fall for the start of this project.


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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 Events and Happenings

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