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My Mom’s 80th Birthday.

It’s not often one can celebrate 80 years of life, but my mom has had the privilege.
The years past have been a roller coaster ride to say the least, and my Mom has had a few bumps along the way.
Most recent, she has suffered from Dementia. It’s difficult for her to remember from day to day or even events that had happen less than a hour ago.
But she has allot of very special friends that have come to help her celebrate this momentous occasion despite my Mon’s affliction. They have also shown the signs of time but the minds and hearts have not clouded. Despite the stress and concern that many of the fine ladies for my Mom, they took the party to a place of reminisce memories of the past.
We hope to have more birthdays with my Mom. Thank you Ladies for being there for my Moms celebration of eighty wonderful years.

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Have not Posted for a some time and here is why.

Hay there everybody who have read this blog.
I must admit, I have been working on allot of projects and maintaining the blog was least on my list of important projects.
The other problem, and this is a big one, I proceeded to perform an upgrade of the Blog Software this past August and Bam Bang Kaboom, my Blog and the web site when down. But with the help of my Independent Service Provider we were able to restore almost everything.    A lot of credit must go to the people at West Host Internet Services.
This brings me to the current status of the Blog.
The Blog is  about to go through a major upgrade, not only the software, but its look and function.
Much of what you are currently viewing will be transformed and put into a new and better format.
This was well over due and trust me, I was not one to keep up with standards on the blog.
Just look at some of the post from the past.
Many images were small other over-sized and many links, well I just did not properly verify them.
Hay what were you expecting, I am a photographer, but I am quickly learning to be a good web master and blog master.
Keep visiting this site over the next few weeks and I will let you know when the big change will take place.

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