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SONY Alpha a850 is Now My Working Camera.

I made to the move to all Full Frame.    What do you mean, Full Frame and how does that benefit me?

Well over a year ago, I have been shooting Full Frame on a few special projects with glowing results, but with SONY’s decision to retire the SONY Alpha a700 camera, I needed to make a decision on a replacement.   The only obvious choice was the SONY Alpha a850, the twin sister to the SONY Alpha a900.  With an investment in to a larger image format and a higher number of mega pixels in each image, there was a lot of needed planning for my post processing.   In addition to post processing changes there was the subject of media memory sizes.    My current inventory of camera media was of a smaller size, and required me to upgrade my camera media as well.   With the new camera media, I now can capture these much larger images without fear of running out of space on the media cards during critical times of the photo session.

Let’s talk about the SONY Alpha a850.   This is a beautiful camera with the frame size of that of that of a file DSLR camera.  That means that the physical size of the images from this camera a far larger than an image captured from a Canon EOS 50d or a Nikon D300.   The image size in megapixels is among the largest for this format Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras, 24.9 megapixels.   That is only equaled by Nikon’s D3x witch I will note uses the same sensor as the SONY Alpha a850.  The color rendering by this camera is completely unmatched and some say that may set the standard for suture cameras to try to match.

Now I match this camera up with the SONY Zeiss Lens, and I will have a camera system that will set it apart from other Camera Systems.   Most of my new Wedding and Portrait clients will get the benefit of this new camera and between my skills and the quality of the resulting images, my clients are going to very very happy to say the least.


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