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SONY’s Newest DSLR for Ladies, Women and Moms

SONY announced on the 19th of May the release of three new DSLR’s to replace three current SONY Alpha DSLR’s on the market. The Alpha 230 will replace the Alpha 200, the Alpha 330 will replace the Alpha 300, and the Alpha 380 replaces the Alpha 350.  All of the SONY Alpha Cameras are a complete redesign of the exterior as well as the addition of a whole line of accessories.

After reading the review of the new Alpha series of DSLR’s by Me Ra Koh , I am incline to agree with her that SONY has now produced a entry level DSLR for the ladies. SONY has changed camera technology so moms could capture the great photos of their kids without the steep learning curve. SONY changed camera technology for YOU Ladies! Do you know how huge that is? There isn’t a camera maker who has cared so much about women before to change the camera technology. And they did it! The “official” press will have their say on Sony’s new cameras. But ladies, I can tell you right now that SONY cares about women. They care about moms as well.

Form more information about the new SONY Alpha DSLR’s contact SONY Style

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