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This Man Will Move You

Well at least on the dance floor. Dan Alexander who is also know as DJ JRizzo is an up and coming Club DJ and Remixer who’s talents has gotten him gigs in New York, Washington DC. He also hosts and produces a 2 hour weekly dance remix show for several radio stations, one on

I have selected a few images from his head shot session from April 27. This session I will have to say was one of the easiest I have in a few years. I photographed entertainers and models before, but more often than not, its becomes a struggle to get the subjects at ease during the shoot.

The session with Dan was different. When we started the session, I always do test shots with a color and white balance grid for reference. Dan was already at ease. What look to be a five hour session went so well that we rapped the studio set in less than three hours and better than ninety percent of the images were selected. A total of about 153 images were cataloged to go on his DVD.

Technically, I wanted to light Dan with as little lighting as I can get a way with, starting with a Elinchrom flash mounted on a 40 inch soft box. I later added a smaller Elinchrom flash with a snoot and grid to act as a spot light to provide and accent to the subject.

These are only a few of the 153 images that were selected by Dan.

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Stop yelling at me, I will show you Photos.

Geez, I have been a very busy photographer of late. I have been shooting a lot of stuff, but much I cannot display because of the much dreaded DND (Do Not Disclose) portions on my contract. I have a short trip to a rail road yard in March after a last minute postponement of a photo session. And I will show a little of what I shot. Many of my pro friends have asked me to show them what I have been doing. Ok already.

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal


Also in March I had a week long assignment in San Diego with the U.S. Courts or their Financial Group. They really kept me jumping to very end of the week. I needed at least three days to get my energy back from that job.


Courts Financial Forum
Courts Financial Forum

This brings us up to today, I have a job or two, but this weekend is going to be devoted to Spring Cleaning. Not as much as the loft studio needs cleaning, it does, but the garage studio is a pig sty. I have materials and left over stuff from all of the catalog work that we have done, but now we need to make this studio look like a studio again.

Sunday might be the day to do some personal work for me again, if my task master wife will permit me. Keep looking here for more.

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I am a Dope, and it was a Aprils Fool Joke.

I published in April that the magazine (Studio Photography) was going to stop publication.    Now I find that it was an April Fools Joke, but I was taken in by it.    I was told by the editor that magazine and it parent company have had some problems, but in light of the economy who hasn’t had problems.   And yes they are still publishing my favorite magazine.

Please accept my appoligy for my bad judgement.


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The Loss of a Fine Professional Magazine. April Fools!!!

When I read this announcement last night, it shocked me.   Cygnus Publications announced that it is suspending publication of Photo Trade News (PTN) and Studio Photography, as well as “While new opportunities for these publications are being explored, the positions associated with these properties have been eliminated,” a spokesperson said.   What saddens me is that I really like reading this magazine and have found it very resourceful.   But lately, with the economy and the fact that many print publications are loosing readers to online publications, I am not really surprised.

I hope that this fine magazine can be revived, time will tell.

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