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Kristin McGinnis Baby Shower

Kristin McGinnis and her Mom Cheryl

Kristin McGinnis and her Mom Cheryl

This Weekends main event for me was not a Wedding or a Portrait but a Baby Shower.     It’s not every weekend I have the opportunity to photograph a small event like this, but when they come around, I will jump on them.

After several Baby Showers, I have developed a script and Memory Album that takes less than four hours to build.

I will have the pages of the Memory Album to Kristin’s Baby Shower on display later this week.

Also I will keep you posted as to how well Mother and Baby are doing as well.   We have one other photographic session this Expecting Mom.

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An almost New Web Site.

Allot of debate went into the redevelopment of our Web Site, and in the end, it was the Marketing People that told me to use what I had and just maintain the images but with a new look.

Ad so that is what we did for 2009.   Plus, now you can access our blog.   Keep looking for more new inovations to come.

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A Healthy and Happy New Year!

A Healthy and Happy New Year!
A year of hard work and many long hours is finished. All there is to do now is to wish you a happy New Years Eve on behalf of all the co-workers of Photography by Lambert, and a successful and healthy 2009! We will get back to you in the new year and we will prepare for the coming season. All of our best wishes for a happy New Year!

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