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Wishing a Safe and Happy Hollidays for all

This will be a quick post, but I would like to wish all who do come and visit a Safe and Happy Holidays.   And may Santa leave you that new DSLR under the tree.

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SONY is now my Official Working Camera.

With the addition of the SONY Alpha 700 and a second one on the way after the first of the year.   The SONY Alpha System is now my Primary Digital Work Camera.    After having shot a few major assignments with the Alpha over the last three months and evaluating the results, I have no doubt that the decision that I made to move to the SONY Alpha system will be a beneficial one.

Price vs. Quality of capture. This has been an issue with me for the last two years.  I have been struggling with the trying to justify the cost of investing further into the Olympus E System but the cost and more important the lack of interest in providing me with more information and answers to some very critical question, have me starting to look in another direction.    In steps SONY.   I was first introduced to the SONY Alpha 700 at the 2007 WPPI convention at Bally’s.   The SONY rep allowed me to try the camera out but will within eye shot of the SONY booth.   I was impressed and the SONY staff was very helpful in answering allot of my questions and concerns.  (Are you Listening Olympus).   What really surprised me was the cost of the camera its self.   As the SONY people put it, they were wiling to take a slight loss in return to gain a proper share of the market.   Today, I find that there is really no loss, and that SONY has seen the Alpha Line as a money maker.   What really sold me was the quality of the images that I was able produce.

I’m not a News or Sports Photographer I have been constantly hit with barrages of how noisy the Alpha is at high ISO above 800 ISO.    Compared to what I have had to work with, the noise factor was major leap of improvement.   Mind you I am not a News or Sports Photographer and more over I do not care to be one either.   But in the words on one such person, “Are you Nuts ?”.    Well no I am not.   Case in point Nikon is using SONY’s sensors and better yet, allot of the glass SONY is offering for the Alpha System is Zeiss glass.    When you combine those two ingredients into a DSLR, then you really have what my late father would call a sleeper camera.   A camera that is levels way above its competition.   SONY is not going to ruffle feathers nor will they be shooting salvos at Canon or even Nikon.    But as the cost of equipment continues to increase, SONY will be right there ready to bring in more converts to the Flock of Professional like me.

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There is Nothing that is Free.

Free will cost in the end.

Compared to David, I would say I am Very Old School when it comes to experience.I spent a Friday Night listening to another photographer trying to sell me the idea of investing into his studio operations, when the bottom line I asked why not approach the Banks with your requests. Answer, he has and they are not willing to invest at this time.    As he put it, I can’t shoot for free anymore. I need to start making money.

This brings us to this morning, when I read David ( The Strobist) Blog on Why shoot for free. For the most part I agree with all that he has to say and will not argue his points.  But even I also follow his Mantra and will engage in some by appearance Free Sessions.  But by no means are they truly free. Let me elaborate. Free is where I am given the Camera for the assignment at no cost and the software and computer for editing is also given to me and I complete autonomy in the session. In the end it would be put on display and view to the public without any cost to the general public.

Let’s get in the real world. I do not have a father who is going to buy me a new camera when I say I need it, nor do I come from a family who is rolling in such wealth that what ever I do, it does not matter. Nor am I a live at home mother with two kids in pre school and own have a Nikon D60, so to kill the boredom I will photograph my neighbors kids for free with hopes that someone will pay me. Only later to venture out and shoot a Wedding A Month.

I am a learned form the best, worked from behind the scenes, been bashed around too many times, grizzled old photographer. I have owned studios that I should have never owned and worked for photographers that were worth more than five times their typical rates and learned from the best. And Yet I will never stop learning. And the biggest lesson that I have learned is Nothing that is Not Free. Free has a Price and if you are not willing to pay that price, then you should not even venture towards Free.

To venture into what David is talking about, you need to be willing to eat the cost of your project and have a process to absorb to that cost. Your time that you spend is a cost all its own.   What I think David is really eluding too, is that a photographer should invest some time and creative effort in the time that he has available when paying work has become lean.  As photographers, our greatest enemy to our creativity is complacency and the lack to motivate our creative juices.  Its during this down time we should be stepping it up notch and redefining our style and learning to re tune our creative eyes.

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My Little Buddy

This is from a Portrait Session during the weekend of Thanks Giving.

My Little Buddy

My Little Buddy

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Baby Shower and Lunch

Title: Baby Shower and Lunch
Location: The Duthes Daughter
Link out: Click here
Start Time: 12:00
Date: 2009-01-24

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