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Meet Bev and Bob

Bev and Bob are a beautiful couple who own a camp ground in PA.


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New Graphics and New Changes

Over that last eight months, a slow but mythological set of changes have been happening.    Changes that will in the end affect the look of our Web Site and Stationary.    A Change that will also affect my focus and direction in our Photographic work.

The first of the change took place in June with the changing of the Studio Logo.   Now even newer graphics and even a new business card is about to be released.

With the official release of the our new Banner, more new Graphic surprises are instore.

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Why did I go SONY

During a recent Wedding that I was shooting, a Young man wheel-ding a Nikon D40 came over to me and asked why would I risk shooting an important event like a Wedding with an inferior camera like the SONY Alpha.    I looked at the young mans camera then at him and asked him what qualifies him to make such a judgment and statement.    His only answer was “Nikon”.    I told him that I own Nikon Cameras and was very pleased with the equipment but I needed a fresh start with my Digital Camera System and I chose SONY over Nikon or Canon.

Further I told him that my SONY Alpha was truly no different than his Nikon in speed and performance and the Minolta Glass that I was using is still considered some of the sharpest Glass made.   Besides, already owning six high quality Mintolta Autofocus lens made the decision that much easy-er versus going out and having to spend a very large amount of money on the equivalent Glass from Nikon or Canon.    I also pointed out to this Young man, the sensor in his Nikon is a SONY sensor and the same sensor in my SONY Alpha.   Also I am nether a Nikon or a Canon Snob, I choose the Equipment that I can feel comfortable with and feel I can get the best shot from based on my style of photography.

I have bigger plans for my New Digital System and I will keep you all up to date.

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Why I will not longer shoot to burn.

You need to ask your self these question.

Are the prices of some wedding photographers too good to be true?
Or, are the rest of us exorbitantly over priced?

With digital cameras filling the bags of most wedding photographers these days, there has come about a new phenomenon some have term that I have just learned “shoot and burn”. It’s the scenario where a photographer shoots your wedding for a price that no other photographer can match, burns a CD or DVD with all of the images and hands it over at half the price of their competitors. Great deal, right? Or so it seems, until you decide to get some really nice prints made and you find out that the files need to tweaked, adjusted, color balanced or worse yet the exposures are too far off to produce a nice print.

As an educated buyer of photography, you should know that most good professional photographers spend 20 to 30 hours selecting, editing, adjusting and retouching the digital files after the wedding, before they go to the lab for printing… or at least before the final album prints are made. Some shooters claim they can do it 10 hours, which I can believe, but only after developing a lot of skill through experience and I might add, accurate exposures. The idea that you can just send those little files right off the card, to any old lab and expect to get beautiful results is based on unreality.

You should also know that making proper exposures with the digital camera is much more demanding. In the making of a correctly exposed image (that will print beautifully) there is much less latitude than with film. In other words, your exposures and light color balance have to be near perfect! It’s a fact. Ask any pro that has experience with both film and digital. They’ll tell you the same thing.

So, when you are shopping for your wedding photographer, sometimes a “Great Deal” may not be such a hot idea. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. As a smart buyer you should ask a lot of questions and look at a lot of prints. Price and compare. Look at the results. I can’t tell you how many recently married couples I’ve talked with, that come up to me while I’m working and tell me how disappointed they were with their own wedding photos. And, it’s usually because some photographer pulled the “shoot and burn”.

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