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My Mom’s 80th Birthday.

It’s not often one can celebrate 80 years of life, but my mom has had the privilege.
The years past have been a roller coaster ride to say the least, and my Mom has had a few bumps along the way.
Most recent, she has suffered from Dementia. It’s difficult for her to remember from day to day or even events that had happen less than a hour ago.
But she has allot of very special friends that have come to help her celebrate this momentous occasion despite my Mon’s affliction. They have also shown the signs of time but the minds and hearts have not clouded. Despite the stress and concern that many of the fine ladies for my Mom, they took the party to a place of reminisce memories of the past.
We hope to have more birthdays with my Mom. Thank you Ladies for being there for my Moms celebration of eighty wonderful years.

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A Dickerson Maryland Wedding.

When Brent and Paula first met it was pairing by friends.   Who knew that they would fall in love and get married.   The wedding was held in a small but gorgeous chapel adorned with flowers by Amour Flowers and who’s minister was the father of the bride who also performed the Wedding Ceremony.  The day was filled with splashes of Blue and Orange, as those were the colors of the wedding day for Brent and Paula.  All of the music during the ceremony was performed by Chris Dunn a Classical Guitarist. This was a very much pleasing change to that of an  organist who are more traditional in most weddings.
After a brief moment for family portraits and some outside images, the wedding party moved on to the reception at Dutch’s Daughter in Frederick Maryland. The events entertainment was provided by Shew-sical Entertainment though I might add that Brent the Groom was quite entertaining during the evening himself.
The cake for the traditional Cake cutting was provided by The Artful Cake A simple two layer cake adorned with blue ribbons.
Please enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Copyright or Copywrite Who caught it?

For the last three months I had made a blunder in my proofs that I was hoping I would get some sort of comments back about.   But after all this time and at least 14 thousand hits, only one comment about my misspelling of Copyright.   This will become a topic of conversation in the future because this was in fact an experiment as to who really takes notice to these details.    Even more important, this subject will be apart of a campaign for my Senior Portraits Next Year.   So Keep looking for this Copywrite to show up again.  Hint.
Empowering teachers to make positive change.   International Reading Association launched the 1,000 Lights for Literacy Fund, an exciting new giving program that will award large grants to teachers to power literacy programs right in the classroom.

Start Looking this Fall for the start of this project.


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Adam and Nicole’s Wedding Day

Saturday May 15, 2010 will be remembered as a perfect day for men in uniform and ladies from Hood Collage.   And oh, did I mention a beautiful Wedding.    Adam and Nicole wedding day will be one to remember for them and their families.   Every Family member who had a uniform showed up in uniform to celebrate this wonderful day.

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Beth and Andrew and Their Dream Back Yard Wedding

Saturday May 1st 2010 was a perfect day with every element of Beth and Andrews wedding coming in to place to make what I can only call a perfect Dream Wedding.   I wanted to personally thank Beth for the fine honor and privilege of being allowed to capture Hers and Andrews Special Dream Wedding.

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SONY Alpha a850 is Now My Working Camera.

I made to the move to all Full Frame.    What do you mean, Full Frame and how does that benefit me?

Well over a year ago, I have been shooting Full Frame on a few special projects with glowing results, but with SONY’s decision to retire the SONY Alpha a700 camera, I needed to make a decision on a replacement.   The only obvious choice was the SONY Alpha a850, the twin sister to the SONY Alpha a900.  With an investment in to a larger image format and a higher number of mega pixels in each image, there was a lot of needed planning for my post processing.   In addition to post processing changes there was the subject of media memory sizes.    My current inventory of camera media was of a smaller size, and required me to upgrade my camera media as well.   With the new camera media, I now can capture these much larger images without fear of running out of space on the media cards during critical times of the photo session.

Let’s talk about the SONY Alpha a850.   This is a beautiful camera with the frame size of that of that of a file DSLR camera.  That means that the physical size of the images from this camera a far larger than an image captured from a Canon EOS 50d or a Nikon D300.   The image size in megapixels is among the largest for this format Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras, 24.9 megapixels.   That is only equaled by Nikon’s D3x witch I will note uses the same sensor as the SONY Alpha a850.  The color rendering by this camera is completely unmatched and some say that may set the standard for suture cameras to try to match.

Now I match this camera up with the SONY Zeiss Lens, and I will have a camera system that will set it apart from other Camera Systems.   Most of my new Wedding and Portrait clients will get the benefit of this new camera and between my skills and the quality of the resulting images, my clients are going to very very happy to say the least.


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Looking at a once traveled path.

I have been doing some very serious soul searching lately.   Much due to my having to care for my mother, some of it due to the dramatic show fall that we have experience this season.   Then there is the question about my Wedding Photography Side of my Business.

As of the last posting, I revealed a lot of very personal stuff about what my current life is going through.   Then the past year, the economy hit bottom and had effected almost every ones wallet.   This had in turn affected my Sale in the Wedding Division of my Studio.    From shooting high end weddings over that past three years to now only shooting bargain sub $2000 weddings.   As one groom told me, that he hired me by price alone, but he looked at my images he knew he should have paid triple of what he originally paid.   Now, I have discovered that there is a major glut of new Wedding photographers hitting the streets.  Some good, and some not very good at all, but all offering prices at $800.00 or less.   In most cases don’t even cover my cost with the most recent weddings that I shoot.   This is made more evident in an article by David Ziser, and he quotes:

The current situation – Here is what I believe:

I Believe… that the low priced sub $1000 DSLR killed the “Golden Wedding Goose” for long standing studios in our profession.  I hear it everyday.  They’re just are not that many “Main Street” studios surviving these days.

Back in the day (of film), if you wanted to shoot weddings, the “Cost of Membership” was at least $5000 for a medium format camera, lenses, and flash gear. That was a deterrent to the someone wanting to shoot wedding part time and kept the number of new shooters at bay.

I Believe… that there is much less of a monetary commitment a photographer needs to make to the process of shooting a wedding for his/her client these days.  That fact alone has mushroomed the numbers of wedding photographers shooting today. And, resulted in driving the cost of weddings WAY down.

Back in the day, if you wanted to shoot a wedding, that meant that you were going to need to buy film and processing.  Most photogs in my area were spending , on average, about $350 of actual costs per wedding. I personally spent $1000 a week on film and processing to shoot a wedding.  Today that cost is FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

I believe… that there is much less of a monetary commitment needed by the buying public when it comes to buying wedding photography.  Because of the proliferation of cheap all the way to inexpensive pricing in the field, the client sees that as the norm these day.

I was just reading in Business Week this morning that some of the luxury products use a pricing procedure called “anchoring” to offer one product at a very high price so that the second tier product, still pricy, becomes the big seller.  Here is the link to the article right here.

What’s happened to the wedding profession is that the “PRICE” has been anchored to the bottom of the heap – i.e. the flea market wedding shoppers looking for rock bottom pricing for “professional photographic services” on Craig’s list.

I Believe… that the “Digital Age” itself has done much to reshape the wedding photography business.  All the new aspiring photographers can find free or very reasonably priced training anywhere on the internet.  My site DigitalProTalk, the Strobist, the Online Photographer, the Digital Photography School, et. al. have really revved up the enthusiasm for the profession.

Believe me, I think all that “easy to reach”information is a good thing.  I’m a web surfing junkie myself and love to bring the tid-bits I find to you, our DPT readers. Hey, it’s fun.

That enthusiasm has also encouraged many new photographers to “give it a go” in the profession.

So do I believe that there are too many photographers shooting wedding these days?  My answer – YES.  Now for the rest of the story. Are many of them making any money? – NO!

But you say, “I love shooting weddings.  What can I do?”  Lots of suggestions were given in the “Comments” section of the last two posts.

I am not going to compete against the prices but will instead concentrate on my other skills.   David is a very wise man when it comes to Wedding Photography, and he skills and teachings and I hold merit to that.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries from local and not so local sports leagues and sports clubs to shoot team photos and individual player portraits.  If the demand increases, I may push in that direction.   If it sounds like I am uncertain about my direction and future, well no I am not.    I have come to a apex in my profession where I am starting to look back at where my photography all started.  Shooting Sports and actions photos.   No, I will not be looking to get my credentials for the coming Red Skins Football season, but I do see a positive direction that is worth exploring.

And oh yes, I have not left the Wedding Photography Business, not for a long time.


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The Korb’s Pick a Perfect Day.

Rich and Brianna, were hoping that the day would be at least mostly sunny.   But after a week of mostly rain, the day of their wedding was all sunshine.   The Wedding it self was a late afternoon wedding, and so shooting allot of the photos outside was limited to just a few of the Bride Brides maids walking to the church.

Couples had two themes, their love for the Ocean and their love for dancing.

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“Puttin’ on the Ritz”

The title derives from the slang expression “putting on the Ritz,” meaning to dress very fashionably. The expression was inspired by the swanky Ritz Hotel.    This was case for Joe and Jamie, last Saturday.

Joe and Jamie Ritz Wedding day was picture perfect in more ways than one can count.  From the splendor of the Church to the top notch Country Club Reception.    I truly enjoyed my self capturing this very special day, and I hope that Jamie and Joe Ritz enjoy their Images that I capture of that day.

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My Second October Engagement Session

When it comes to couples, I get some of the greatest.   Shamus and Lindsey are a couple who  are matched in heaven.   This twosome, was both fun and enlightening when it came to their photographic session.  The wedding is not till next spring, they both wanted to take advantage of the colors of fall for their engagement session.   Oh did I mention that this was another perfect Autumn Afternoon.

I hope you enjoy this sampling, I know I enjoyed working with them both.