My Mom’s 80th Birthday.

It’s not often one can celebrate 80 years of life, but my mom has had the privilege.
The years past have been a roller coaster ride to say the least, and my Mom has had a few bumps along the way.
Most recent, she has suffered from Dementia. It’s difficult for her to remember from day to day or even events that had happen less than a hour ago.
But she has allot of very special friends that have come to help her celebrate this momentous occasion despite my Mon’s affliction. They have also shown the signs of time but the minds and hearts have not clouded. Despite the stress and concern that many of the fine ladies for my Mom, they took the party to a place of reminisce memories of the past.
We hope to have more birthdays with my Mom. Thank you Ladies for being there for my Moms celebration of eighty wonderful years.

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Have not Posted for a some time and here is why.

Hay there everybody who have read this blog.
I must admit, I have been working on allot of projects and maintaining the blog was least on my list of important projects.
The other problem, and this is a big one, I proceeded to perform an upgrade of the Blog Software this past August and Bam Bang Kaboom, my Blog and the web site when down. But with the help of my Independent Service Provider we were able to restore almost everything.    A lot of credit must go to the people at West Host Internet Services.
This brings me to the current status of the Blog.
The Blog is  about to go through a major upgrade, not only the software, but its look and function.
Much of what you are currently viewing will be transformed and put into a new and better format.
This was well over due and trust me, I was not one to keep up with standards on the blog.
Just look at some of the post from the past.
Many images were small other over-sized and many links, well I just did not properly verify them.
Hay what were you expecting, I am a photographer, but I am quickly learning to be a good web master and blog master.
Keep visiting this site over the next few weeks and I will let you know when the big change will take place.

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A Dickerson Maryland Wedding.

When Brent and Paula first met it was pairing by friends.   Who knew that they would fall in love and get married.   The wedding was held in a small but gorgeous chapel adorned with flowers by Amour Flowers and who’s minister was the father of the bride who also performed the Wedding Ceremony.  The day was filled with splashes of Blue and Orange, as those were the colors of the wedding day for Brent and Paula.  All of the music during the ceremony was performed by Chris Dunn a Classical Guitarist. This was a very much pleasing change to that of an  organist who are more traditional in most weddings.
After a brief moment for family portraits and some outside images, the wedding party moved on to the reception at Dutch’s Daughter in Frederick Maryland. The events entertainment was provided by Shew-sical Entertainment though I might add that Brent the Groom was quite entertaining during the evening himself.
The cake for the traditional Cake cutting was provided by The Artful Cake A simple two layer cake adorned with blue ribbons.
Please enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Meet Brent and Paula, A Perfect Match

Brent and Paula will have a very special date to remember on July 31, 2010.   Besides the fact that they will have to share that Date with Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mevinsky.  Brent and Paula’s Wedding will be more memorable.   Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement photos for this weekends Wedding, and talk about a fun couple.   They are a perfect match and it shows in every look they give each other and how they hold hands.

Please enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Lindsey, Shamus a Wedding to Remember.

Saturday June 12, 2010 will be a Wedding to remember.   Not because of the Hot temperatures, or the 90 percent humidity, or  a battery pack that decided to fail.   No, that day will NOT be remembered for any of the above.    That day will be remembered for a very Quaint and Beautiful Wedding in Brunswick Maryland.    A very rustic Church in the center of the town and a very family oriented reception the the Eagles Club of Brunswick.

Please enjoy these images from Lindsey and Shamus Wedding Day.

A special Thanks should go out to:

Eagles Club is handling the food and  Joe Harrington
Flowers: CM Bloomers, Brunswick Md. and  Chrissy Axline
Davids Bridal for the wedding gown, Men’s Wearhouse for the tuxedo’s

Denim and Diamond Entertainment (DJ)Andrea and Mike Lacasse for the Music.

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I am now a Proud Member of The World Photography Organisation (WPO)

The World Photography Organization (WPO) supports professional, amateur and student photography and lends a global platform for the photographic industry to communicate, converge and showcase current trends in Photojournalism, Fine Art and Commercial Photography.

WPO Aims

  • Promote photography and photographers to a worldwide audience
  • Support photographers whilst creating new avenues in which to develop the photographic practices within the industry
  • Enable photographers to have their work seen internationally
  • Establish photography into new and less mature markets
  • Introduce young talent to a world-wide public and photographic audience
  • Provide various annual meeting grounds for a global industry to converge and facilitate exchange within the market.
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Copyright or Copywrite Who caught it?

For the last three months I had made a blunder in my proofs that I was hoping I would get some sort of comments back about.   But after all this time and at least 14 thousand hits, only one comment about my misspelling of Copyright.   This will become a topic of conversation in the future because this was in fact an experiment as to who really takes notice to these details.    Even more important, this subject will be apart of a campaign for my Senior Portraits Next Year.   So Keep looking for this Copywrite to show up again.  Hint.
Empowering teachers to make positive change.   International Reading Association launched the 1,000 Lights for Literacy Fund, an exciting new giving program that will award large grants to teachers to power literacy programs right in the classroom.

Start Looking this Fall for the start of this project.


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Adam and Nicole’s Wedding Day

Saturday May 15, 2010 will be remembered as a perfect day for men in uniform and ladies from Hood Collage.   And oh, did I mention a beautiful Wedding.    Adam and Nicole wedding day will be one to remember for them and their families.   Every Family member who had a uniform showed up in uniform to celebrate this wonderful day.

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Nicole and Adam An Engagement Portrait.

Just this last Friday night on May 7th, 2010 and before heading up to Pennsylvania, I had a wonderful Engagement Portrait Session with Nicol and Adam.  We pick the beautiful settings of Monument Park between Hagerstown and Middletown Maryland just on the Adirondack Trail.   Besides being followed by an swarm of gnats, the images that I captured were just stunning.   I could feel and see in my camera the love that this couple have for each other.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Beth and Andrew and Their Dream Back Yard Wedding

Saturday May 1st 2010 was a perfect day with every element of Beth and Andrews wedding coming in to place to make what I can only call a perfect Dream Wedding.   I wanted to personally thank Beth for the fine honor and privilege of being allowed to capture Hers and Andrews Special Dream Wedding.

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